The Realising YOU membership

An Empowering Membership For Seekers Of Personal Transformation & Intentional Living

Our Purpose

The Realising YOU! membership is a space for women to come together and learn about themselves. It’s a place to find clarity of purpose, self-discipline, and personal leadership.

You’ll receive guidance and experience shared healing practices. These practices support the development of self and soul esteem, intuition, and optimisation of the mind and body’s energy system.

When Ali invited me to join the Realising YOU! membership, I didn’t hesitate to let her know that I would be more than happy to be part of her new project! I have been participating every month since the very beginning and have found it very beneficial to me in many ways.

I think that in today’s world it’s important to pause and be in the moment, and I have found this membership has allowed me to do just that. Ali gives us information that allows for inner exploration, to essentially taking the time to delve deep within, to ask ourselves some pertinent questions about who we are and where we are going, and what we want to do with our lives.
Cori, Paris

Our Focus

The Realising You! Membership concentrates on intentional living and maximising spiritual, emotional health, nutritional and physical health. You’ll experience lasting change by exploring elements in depth and taking action.

The Realising YOU! Membership concentrates on the mind, the human body and its energy systems. Exploration includes:

  • How to regulate your self-esteem and personal power
  • buried beliefs and karma inherited from family and social environments
  • Influences such as social environments, family and mindset/ability to live life fully
  • Healing practices that enable you to detach from negative emotions and beliefs related to your past

You’ll develop an awareness and understanding of your Archetypes and Karmic cycles. This connection with the universe allows a comprehensive, holistic look at yourself and how to best journey through life.

The membership offers a grace-filled environment in which each of us embraces the opportunity to learn about ourselves. With other group members, you learn where we’ve come from, why we behave & think as we do and how to communicate better.

You create healthy boundaries, knowing how to build self-esteem, personal confidence and SO much more.

Our Members' Experience

Surrounding yourself with like-minded souls who are also ready to live fully and congruently helps determine whether you’ll be successful in making long-term, sustainable changes with the ongoing, daily commitment required when embracing a fulfilling life.

In the Realising YOU Membership, you learn to accept and embrace your daily struggles and fears & choose to act with awareness. A commitment to make responsible choices is the next opportunity for you! Within this empowering community, you will share valuable moments alongside like-minded souls. It is a truly enriching space where everyone ‘holds each other high and accountable’ as your life path advances in a way that is congruent to your authentic self.

If you’re ready to embrace an empowering opportunity and committed to taking imperfect action while moving forward in the creation of the BEST VERSION OF YOU … then join our incredible community of authentic, generous, heart-centered women.

Membership Details

The Realising YOU membership was created during the summer of 2019. I’m humbled by the profound connection we’ve created within this thriving community of like-minded soulful women.

Membership includes the following each month:

  • Meetings twice per month
  • Live training with Ali Abomnes (90 minutes in length with participation)
  • Live teaching call with a holistic health practitioner, specialist, or coach (60-90 minutes in length with Q&A)
  • Numerous training techniques & practices; a combination of self-paced & guided
  • Access to tools, support & 2 x one-one coaching sessions with Ali each year 
  • Recordings of all live calls & training, with Ali and guests available to watch on replay, or to download anytime. The Kajabi platform also has an app. for all devices so access to the membership is easy.
  • PLUS MUCH MORE as the Realising YOU membership continues to evolve.


The next upcoming opportunity to join The Realising YOU membership will be January 22nd, 2024, when the membership doors will open for 4 DAYS ONLY!

Be sure to watch Ali Abomnes’ video for more details (link below) and join our waiting list to be notified about your next opportunity to join!

The membership community and I are here to hold each other up high as we choose to transform fate into OUR DESTINY and we’d truly LOVE for you to join us this year

“The Realising YOU community provides the support needed to dive into yourself through various topics across the spiritual and wellness field. What is so great is that Ali introduces new topics all the time… in a different manner, in ways, I certainly hadn’t learned before.

Also, Ali supports everyone to create personal success at their own rhythm. My personal success story is that this group has helped me along my true authentic self-journey.

The membership is for me a GREAT ‘tool’ within my ‘tool kit!’ that acts as a solid support system, a place to connect with other powerful women who are also working on themselves in order to live life to the fullest.

We live in an age where we just can’t do it alone and the best part is.. we don’t have to”.

Natalie / Paris

I am so very grateful for the Realising YOU! Membership. I have attended the monthly calls with Ali since the start and what I really love about the sessions is they’re full of such inspirational information and they make you want to learn more. 

Ali keeps us all ‘on task’ as we explore where we want our lives to take us in the near future. Her encouragement and information have allowed me to move closer and closer to my personal goals. Ali is also very thoughtful and seems to know what everyone needs!

The additional speakers that have joined us have also been eye opening and inspirational. Whether we’re talking about natural health, Akashic Records, Hormonal Health, Quantum Touch or Feng Shui there is always something interesting to learn and through this information I feel we’re able to learn so much more about ourselves.

I would recommend Ali and Realising YOU! Community experience and membership to anyone!

Cori / Paris

The membership community and I are here to hold each other up high as we choose to transform fate into OUR DESTINY and we’d truly LOVE for you to join us this year.