Meet Ali

Authentic Empowerment Mentor & Coach for women

Hi … I’m Ali Abomnes, an Authentic Empowerment Mentor and Coach for women. I guide others along their healing path to empower self and soul esteem.

As you work with me, you will elevate your health and vitality, and learn to live with intentional conscious awareness.

Meet Ali

Ali Abomnes

Elevate your health and vitality

I guide others along their healing path to empower self and soul esteem. As you work with me, you will elevate your health and vitality, and learn to live with intentional conscious awareness.

My current reality stems from a calling on my heart to find a ‘home’, a lifestyle and culture that truly resonated with me. I was born and raised in the north of England, but after traveling the world for pleasure and many work assignments, I always felt the urge to find roots elsewhere in Europe. After meeting my husband, we set out on an adventure to raise a family together, and in 2007 we chose Paris (France) to be our new home. We’ve never looked back!

I’ve instinctively generated a sense of calm

Callings have been present throughout my adult life in so many ways. From my years as a successful hair and makeup artist to launching and operating a thriving boutique concierge service business, Complete Paris Private Client Services, I’ve instinctively generated a sense of calm amongst my clients and colleagues.

It’s an intuitive ability but it’s also more than that… I have discovered it is a calling in my heart to be of service, I feel everything! And I compassionately wish for you to heal and to realize how powerful you truly are.

Being part of a like-minded soul tribe has been something I longed for all my life. Through my work, I began connecting with others and I began creating new opportunities to collaborate with other professionals in the health and wellness sectors. With this, I felt guided to found Complete Retreats.

Complete Retreats offers participants a holistic health reset. It’s an immersive experience where people have the extraordinary opportunity to go within and esteem their spirit and soul to align with the mind. This reset allows them to be guided intuitively empowered going forward.

As I built my fulfilling career as a business owner, I eventually found myself spinning plates and going through the motions in my concierge business without really connecting with my clients. I was stuck in a cycle of being busier than ever, spending way too much time people-pleasing and not being true to my values of what serves my soul.

Ultimately, blocking past trauma and living unauthentically doesn’t work…I found myself burnt out and deeply unhappy. I felt trapped, lost and alone. I had absolutely no choice but to make long-overdue, necessary and permanent changes in my life.

I had to work through layers of confusion and loneliness to heal, elevate my spirit once more and trust my intuition. I had spent decades at this point not realising that a childhood trauma haunted me.

I experienced many of the classic signs of a trauma-damaged soul. I was a people-pleaser, a martyr, an addict and had developed an unhealthy need for attention and approval.

Feel powerless to create sustainable changes?

In 2016, I finally surrendered and embraced moving forward, I committed to healing my spirit and began building self-esteem. I shifted my feelings of shame and unworthiness to knowing my inherent worth.

I experienced my own transformational journey and began to see how all of us become disconnected, to varying degrees. We either feel powerless to create sustainable changes or have no vision at all for the future. Our energy doesn’t expand beyond the day-to-day survival tasks that keep us stuck.

After spending time in deep reflection, meditating and letting go of everything that did not serve me, I began to have intuitive realisations. For the first time in my life, I could see why everything had to happen in my life exactly as it did. I forgave myself for all the years it took me to realise I am enough.

The shame I’d been carrying all my life had to leave my being. I released the victim within me and chose to lean into a completely new, authentically empowered version of me. I know that my transformational journey is not at all unique.

So many other souls are experiencing a similar evolution at this extraordinary moment in history. Once I realised this, I felt compelled to serve and support all those who are on their healing path, so I pursued a certification as an Empowerment Coach.

Through my life experience and training, I now know I can serve only in a way that is true to my values. I have built enough reliance and stamina and aligned my mind and spirit so I can remain stable, present and connected. I KNOW I am enough, no matter what’s going on around me. I have wholly learned how to parent my inner-child.

My Conclusion

Thanks to all the ‘past mistakes’ I have made, I realise they were all necessary and they taught me a lifetime of incredible lessons. They’ve made me the strong woman and truth-teller that I am today! We MUST face and embrace the transformation process to become free of everything that keeps us living in resistance, in perfectionism, in procrastination… in fear. With the right tools and guidance, we can align and be the creator of our destiny.

Everybody deserves to experience living a profoundly authentic, abundant life and I’m committed to helping as many people as I can on their healing path.

Self Esteem