Are you ready to live an authentic life?

Are you ready finally to let go of your past and focus on today? To focus inward on your emotional, physical, spiritual health and well-being?

It’s TIME. Time to step out of fear, procrastination, and self-sabotage. Time to own the truth that YOU ARE ENOUGH, and begin living your best life. Rebuilding yourself from the inside out is empowering. It may not always be an easy path, but it is the MOST REWARDING JOURNEY you will ever take.

Embrace reverence for life and you will transform every aspect of your life… no matter what your past holds you ALWAYS have the opportunity to choose differently today… 

  • Release everything that is out of alignment with your intuitive, integrous, congruent voice
  • Develop the profound transformational power of resilience, forgiveness and compassion
  • Establish healthy boundaries and learn new practices that support the coherence of the mind and body… Empowering Self & Soul Esteem

You know that there is an abundance of wonder to experience in this lifetime, but you feel stuck and powerless.  You likely feel a victim of your past or current circumstances. You may even think that the amazing things you see other people experience and accomplish are out of reach for you, but the TRUTH IS… they are NO different to you at all!

This wondrous life is yours to embrace. Despite past painful experiences that may have held you back, a rewarding life is waiting for you. This is an opportunity to surrender and re-align so that you can begin living with congruence, joy and authenticity.

One-on-One Mentoring and Coaching

I am here to help you realise that you have a choice each day and to discover your ultimate true desires. With this, you may begin to thrive and develop an assurance of who you are. Embrace accountability as you make empowering choices going forward:

Developing the ability to surrender over and over again, daily, keeps you in the present time. It gives you the ability to stand firmly ‘in your power’, to create exactly the life you desire, starting TODAY.

I am living proof!…

Throughout my own life, I’ve discovered that every part of the human experience is about learning to manage our life-force energy — our personal, authentic power.

I experienced abuse during childhood and my memories and all related emotions were buried until my subconscious ‘unveiled’ what had happened when I was 18 years old. This trauma unknowingly affected my self-worth for decades to come. I spent 30 years looking outside of myself for approval, love and recognition.

Victimisation, addiction and self-sabotage haunted me until I finally surrendered just 5 years ago.  I finally focused within and began profoundly healing. I developed forgiveness of myself, and resilience, self-esteem, soul-esteem and personal integrity. This has changed and empowered me and I feel now a deep reverence for life.

I KNOW wholeheartedly my ‘fated’ life journey thus far was exactly what I came here to experience, so that I may learn to live joyfully in the creation of my destiny every day.

Now, as I look back at my life’s journey, I can see the reasons why everything unraveled as it did. I can connect the ‘dots’ between events, homes, working assignments, relationships,  and realisations. I see very clearly the synchronisation and divine timing of it all! There hasn’t been a single mistake, and there is a very good reason why you too are reading my words today.

Could it be time for YOU to also let go of resisting change? Open up to trusting your higher nature, your intuition is communicating with you ALL the time! Trust you are in the right place, that you are ready to align with all you came here to experience in this life. Empower yourself and choose to transform your fated life into the joy-filled, destined life that is of YOUR making!

I have a COMPLIMENTARY GIFT to share with you!

I am sharing with you my four-part series: Overcome Self-Sabotage & Unwanted Patterns Of Behaviour.  This series offers an introduction to The Saboteur, a powerful Universal Survival Archetype WE ALL share. This is one of the many Survival Archetypes that influence our behavior and govern our ways of being! Once we become aware of the truths and why they challenge us — we can learn to manage them throughout our daily lives. 

For a more in-depth exploration of the profound language of Archetypes — join me, Ali Abomnes, live for one of our 3-Day online workshops. Discover their energetic influence and extraordinarily healing truths about our Soul Contracts

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Self Esteem