Ali Abomnes's 2-day Archetypal Online Workshop

There is a profound truth that everything in life happens FOR US! The good AND the seemingly bad. Once we realise this and release feelings of blame and shame – we can practice daily surrender and trust we are ALWAYS in the right place! With this, we truly have the opportunity to thrive in all areas of life.

With this ancient and authentic symbolic language, we can embrace healing and live with compassion and harmony alongside each other.

Ali Abomnes’s 2-day Online Workshop explores these truths. Why are we here? What drives our behaviours? Why do we take action in the ways we do? We also explore how our relationship dynamics, family and social structures have formed and developed in the ways they have.

Each of us has Archetypal dynamics that govern our ways of being, whilst ever we notice, we constantly refer to their symbolic nature. We have an innate understanding of this symbolic language. In fact, we live and breathe it in without even realising.

The many Archetypal roles we play in life … the mother, teacher, entrepreneur, victim, warrior, angel, hero, martyr (to name just a few) … are not only titles for the different roles we play, they energetically connect us. They are one of the many wondrous and mystical laws of this universe, we can never escape them! They are who we’ve become and as our souls mature throughout life, we gather and incarnate new Archetypes.

We go through life wearing Archetypal masks / playing-out personas, some for survival and others because they are innate in us… they are our given talents, that have developed lifetime-to-lifetime. It is the reason why some of us arrive into this life with extraordinary talents!

During this lifetime, we are destined to evolve. Should we trust this process, we’ll develop additional Archetypes and not settle living out a fated life.

We adapt at a very young age to do what’s necessary to survive, our survival Archetypes (wounded-orphaned-adult child, saboteur, victim) become deeply ingrained in our subconscious. BUT in adulthood, they do not serve us. Most of the time our survival ways result in us feeling like we’re a victim to our circumstances. We sabotage ourselves slowly but surely and over time we develop failure loops that create FAR bigger problems if ignored over time.

Eventually, miss-alignment screams for attention. Through tragedy or illness, someone or some event forces us to STOP. Once we wake up we realise we’re giving time, energy and our spirit to something other than OUR OWN well-being.

We explore more insight on this when casting your Archetypal chart during the 2-day online group workshop.

During this 2-day workshop, you have the opportunity to see YOUR life … OUR lives…this life experience from a FAR higher perspective. You will see it through a VERY clear Symbolic – Archetypal lens. You will be inspired and empowered to move forward with profound clarity about who you’ve become and who you get to be going forward!

The Archetypal Online Workshops will be starting up again in the spring of 2024, please contact me to enroll in-advance or enquire further.

It will provide an introduction to powerful new choice-making perspectives for you that realise profound healing, clarity of purpose & insight into all you came here to do!

Please watch the introductory video linked below. It explains more about the ways in which this workshop can be supportive.

WE’VE EVOLVED & ARE NOW MULTI-SENSORY BEINGS and it’s time now for us to learn about the universal language of Archetypes. This is a truly an important evolutionary moment in time, where we can finally see how connected we are! And choose to embrace living successfully, healthily & harmoniously with ourselves AND alongside each other.